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Application of green pistachio shell
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One of the traditional uses of pistachios is to prepare jams and pickles. The important point in preparing these two foods is to pick green pistachio shells before spoilage and to observe hygienic principles in the production process. The use of green pistachio shell in dyeing has long been common in villages.

As mentioned, pistachio green shell can be used as animal feed due to its significant amount of protein and reducing sugars. Of course, the tannins and polyphenolic compounds in pistachio shells can reduce digestion. The best way to use green pistachio shell is to dry it using modern scientific devices and methods. Dried green pistachio shell has low perishability and this product can be sent all over the country.

It is worth mentioning that tannin in pistachio skin has many applications in industries such as pharmaceuticals, paints, leather and oil industry. Tannins currently required for industry are imported from Italy and Russia.

Other uses of pistachio waste

So far we have talked pistachio shell about the applications of soft and bony pistachio shell; Another application of pistachio waste is to extract oil from pistachio kernel waste. Small, stained, bird-stricken pistachios are considered as pistachio waste and it is not possible to sell them in domestic and foreign markets. But these wastes are very valuable in the production of pistachio oil. According to studies, from about 200,000 tons of exported pistachios, about 240 kg of waste is obtained. By using appropriate and modern equipment, oil extraction efficiency can be increased.

Pistachio oil has medicinal and health uses and has a high price in world markets. It should be noted that the by-product of the lubrication process is meal. The resulting meal contains significant amounts of protein and amino acids that can be used in livestock and poultry diets.

Cola contains pistachio essential oil plus various condiments and a little lemon juice.

Losses due to lack of pistachio waste management

Wastes from pistachio processing include soft husks, bone husks, spikes and tree leaves. These materials are highly perishable; In such a way that after a few days, they become black, rotten and moldy. Invasion and concentration of pests around these wastes leads to environmental pollution. In addition, these lesions provide a suitable substrate for the growth of Aspergillus.

Unfortunately, some farmers use this waste as green manure. The combination of this neglect doubles the problem of aflatoxin spread in pistachio orchards. Aspergillus spores are easily propagated by wind. Unfortunately, the presence of aflatoxin in pistachio products has been one of the factors reducing exports in recent years.

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